Hey, I'm Jaybird.

Did you know it’s not kosher to introduce oneself on a website? Well, that’s just one a little indicator of how rebellious I am, because I’m doing it anyway. People are often bamboozled by the Jaybird thing. When your real name is Jenny and you have a thousand other Jennys in the family, something has to be done! And besides that, I love feathers, the birds speak to me and it all just made sense. Jaybird.
 And here we are, you and me. 
Which warms my heart. 
So, the real truth is, when dōTERRA Essential Oils found me, things were not so good. The kids had grown up and flown the coop, I wasn’t sure if I even knew who my husband was anymore, I’d refused to acknowledge my traumatic childhood and life was pretty empty and pretty bleak.
By taking the plunge – you know – getting an account, tapping into my Oily Mentor, opening up those brown bottles every day and actually using my Oils, things slowly began to shift. Since 2015, I’ve been
 totally devoted to sharing the benefits of dōTERRA essential oils and products with others. For more information about the Oils and how they can help you, read my blog, or head straight to Essential Oils.

Not long before I met the Oils, when all else seemed lost, I found painting. I’m a Painter, a ‘Mark Maker’ and an Intuitive Artist with a focus on Self Discovery and Play. I facilitate Nurturing Creativity Workshops and Expanding Creativity Workshops with the intention of helping others to meet their inner creator. It’s an amazing process and perfect for those who may be feeling stuck or seeking to know and trust themselves more. The emotional healing power of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils has a significant role in my painting process too.
Today my mission is to empower and serve those who are seeking to empower themselves and others, who are open to natural solutions and who want to feel better – those who are ready to uplevel their lives. Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Welcome! Let’s get started!

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”  Rumi ,

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