Drawing has happened since the beginning of time and occurs when a person uses one or various types of drawing instruments to make marks on a surface. Tools used might be pencil, pen, ink, paint, crayons, charcoal, pastels and/or markers, fire, chisels, computers (digital art) and many other things. 

People are usually of the belief that they can’t draw, that they are not creative, that art is not for them. I often hear, ‘oh I can’t even draw a stick figure!’ It is as if the magic of creativity is held only for a select few. Most of us have experienced a person in authority telling us these things and most of us have believed them. As children our work is critiqued, when we are just discovering how to express ourselves creatively and belonging and acceptance are a part of our survival. It’s important that we explore both the messages we received and the messages we are imposing on others regarding ‘their’ creativity. Some of us are naturally adept at drawing and some of us need to work harder at it. I have to work harder at it!

This is a simple drawing I created on a discarded piece of artwork that someone left laying around in my art room. It reminds me of being out in our Aussie bush. 
One of the reasons I started my blog is because I want others to know that we needn’t produce perfect work and ANYONE can do it. For me it is less about the outcome and more about the process.

I believe as humans, we have a deep need to create. If we are seeking to enrich our lives, we MUST exercise our individual creativity, in whatever way that reveals itself. So take some time today. Get creative! Gift yourself the time. See how it feels. Let me know. 🙌

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