On slowing down.

My waking ritual and aromatic dressing.


noun: ritual; plural noun: rituals
a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribedorder.
"ancient fertility rituals"
a prescribed order for performing a ritual ceremony, especially one characteristic of a particular religion or Church.
"she likes the High Church ritual"
ceremony, rite, ceremonial, observance; More
a series of actions or type of behaviour regularly and invariably followed by someone.
"her visits to Joy became a ritual"
adjective: ritual
1. relating to or done as a religious or solemn rite. "ritual burial"
2. (of an action) arising from convention or habit. "the players gathered for the ritual pre-match huddle"

Are you one to use ‘ritual’ in your life?

As a part of actively ‘slowing down’ from a crazy ‘must-be-busy-to-be-worthy’ lifestyle, I have added some simple rituals into my daily life. Let me tell you about my general morning routine. As I work for myself and am the author of my own routine, I am able to incorporate the things that are most important to me. As an empty nester, I treasure this quiet time to start my day.

I live in the great southern region of Western Australia which offers a cool climate, so my large bedroom window faces East (this is not a good idea in most of Australia as the hot morning sun will soon have you roasting).

I wake without an alarm, usually between 6 and 7 am – unless I am catching aplane or a very early morning start is necessary, which sometimes happens.

I am greeted by soft filtered light through my window.

I love watching the light dance around in my room.

I sometimes wake to the sound of rain which is amazing too.

I practice ‘being’ in my body for 15 minutes or so and focus on how my body feels.

The birds are always singing, unless it is raining hard.

Nature is calling!

The house is quiet.

My paintings are speaking messages of wisdom to me. They hang and sit all around my room in their various stages.

It’s a beautiful start the day.

Before I head to the bathroom to shower, I tap into to my Essential Oils box. I intuitively choose some Oils to aromatically ‘dress’ in. I’m passionate about the Emotional value of Essential Oils and have a few favourites – Truth, Communication, Empowerment, Self Acceptance, Self Assurance, Support, etc.

After showering, I add the Essential Oils to a carrier oil (I prefer fractionated coconut oil as it is non-greasy, unscented and feels like silk!) and apply all to my body. Sometimes I use a bowl and sometimes not. I generally start from my belly – the very centre of my creativity – and work outwards from there. As I apply, I whisper words of affirmation to myself – I am worthy; I am capable; I am creating ripples of love in my world. I thank my body for the work it does and has done for me – digesting my food, holding my babies, moving my parts, holding me up, relentlessly serving me – day in and day out. This takes about 2 minutes and I feel so blessed afterward – empowered and ready for my day.

I am learning to speak kindly to myself.

I believe this is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done for myself – combining essential oils with loving words of affirmation. I can feel the life-giving essential oils adding a whole other dimension to the experience and they are then carried throughout my body via my blood stream (life force), transforming me from the inside out. I’m a really ‘feely’ person, can you tell?

If you are in a different season of life with busy mornings, you may be able to find some quiet time at other times of the day to begin a simple ritual of self love. I hope you do.

Be well!

Jaybird x

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Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

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