What is in the Nature’s Solutions Kit?

This Kit is perfect for those that are ready to transform their lives and their homes with natural solutions! AND it comes with a FREE = Petal Diffuser and a Wooden Oil Box!

Each Kit contains:

10mL Clary Calm – Women’s Hormonal Support
10mL Past Tense – Any body or head tension, nerve pain
15mL Lemongrass – Cook, insect repellent, cleanse, declutter
15mL Aromatouch – Gentle massage, jittery legs, problem feet
15mL Purify – Laundry, deodoriser, bug bites
15mL Lavender Peace – Calm, sleep, rest, relax
15mL Citrus Bliss – Invigorate, uplift, create
15mL Smart & Sassy – Sugar cravings, metabolic blend
15mL Lemon – Cook, detox, cleanse, deodorise, focus
15mL Lavender – Cook, sleep, calm, soothe, skin, communication
15mL Frankincense – Cellular health, nervous system support, truth, everything
15mL Peppermint – Cook, energy, uplift, focus, sport
15mL Oregano – Cook, immune support, problem feet, digestion,
15mL Tea Tree – Hair, Skin, Ears, Nails, energetic boundaries
15mL Easy Air – Ease Breathing, noisy sleeping, open airways, breath, focus
15mL On Guard – Immune support, protection, wellness
15mL Digestzen – Any tummy trouble, congestion, struggling to digest life
5mL Ice Blue – Muscular discomfort, body tension, sport support
On Guard Beadlets – 1/4 a drop of Essential Oil, Immunity
Easy Air Stick – Clear and open airways, breath
Fractionated Coconut Oil – Carrier oil to dilute your Essential Oils
On Guard Hand Wash with 2 dispensers – Protection and cleanliness
Correct X Ointment: Anything skin
On Guard Toothpaste: amazing oral health, flouride free

You’ll also receive a BONUS 100 Points to redeem on products (should you choose to join the Loyalty Rewards Program and process a 100PV Order the following month).

PLUS ongoing support and education including:
A Welcome Kit
Team DIY Workshops
Monthly Giveaways
Quarterly DIY Emails
Facebook Support Groups
Access to a free Droplii App for Oily information
One-on-one mentoring, to ensure you know how to use your Kit
And, the ability to Earn Free Products & Commission should you wish to!

Payment Plan Options are available for Australian Residents who buy through this site. To choose your Kit and make your purchase, head to our Enrolment Kits.

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