What’s in a Home Essentials Kit and how will I use it?

One of the GREATEST things I’ve ever done was to take back my own personal power regarding natural wellness solutions, using the very best Essential Oils in the World. 
I use them EVERY SINGLE DAY, for so many different things! I now make my own personal care products, cleaning products and I have my Oils at the tips of my fingers ready for use. They’re one of the best Tools for Life I have ever experienced. I cannot help but share that. They have blessed me so much and continue to support me toward better mental, emotional and physical health.
If you think you’re ready to give these Oils a go, a great way to start is to buy the Home Essentials Kit. It has the most popular Top 10 Oils that I chew through in my house.

Here’s what’s in the Home Essential Kit –

15ml Peppermint – eases head tension and seasonal support, calms, uplifts, use to flavour food, promotes focus & concentration. Emotionally the Oil of the Buoyant Heart.

15ml Lemon – use for cleaning, flavouring food, seasonal support, immune support, promotes focus, is uplifting to senses. Known emotionally the Oil of Focus.

15ml Lavender – calming, supports restful sleep, radiant skin, soothes burns, seasonal support, flavour food. Emotionally the Oil of Communication.

15ml Frankincense – enhances life, calms the nervous system, supports healthy skin, stabilises mood, eases head tension, provides cellular support, enhances and blends with all essential oils. Emotionally known as the Oil of Truth.

15ml Tea Tree – cleanses cuts & wounds, supports healthy skin, is a natural repellent, great for cleaning, apply to skin breakouts. Emotionally known as the Oil of Energetic Boundaries.

15ml Oregano – can be used in cooking, protection against winter threats, supports skin conditions, a powerful oil. Emotionally the Oil of Humility and Non Attachment.

15ml DigestZen – helps ease tummy upset & motion sickness, clears sinuses, supports toilet troubles. Emotionally the Oil of Digestion – perfect for those who struggle to digest life.

5ml Ice Blue – apply to sore muscles & joints, helps to ease congestion, support for emotional pain, use before & after exercise. Emotionally the Oil of Surrendering Pain.

15ml Easy Air – supports the respiratory system, promotes breath, calming to emotions, supports restful sleep, support for winter & seasonal threats. Emotionally known as the Oil of Breath.

15ml On Guard – great for cleaning, disinfecting, supports heathy gums, protection against seasonal threats, flavour foods. Emotionally the Oil of Protection.

The Home Essentials Kit also includes
– A free Petal Diffuser
– Free Membership – buy at Wholesale Prices for 12 months
Also included for Teambird Members (of my Tribe) is ME! I also offer you
– Ongoing Education & Support
– A Free Welcome Pack
– Access to the Droplii App – Free for Teambird Members

Payment Plan Options are available for Australian Residents who enrol through Painted Jaybird. To choose your Kit and make your purchase, head to our Enrolment Kits.

Once you’ve made your purchase send me a quick message by clicking here.

I’ll be in touch with you within the next 24 hours to welcome you to get you connected to our vibrant community for ongoing support and education.

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